“1883” Season 2 Is Good, and “1932” Will See Taylor Sheridan Tell More Dutton Tales

Fans of the gritty, gunslinging story of the Dutton family, fear not! Though James and Margaret’s journey on the Oregon Trail in “1883,” has come to an end, the Dutton story is far from finished! Get ready, friends, because Taylor Sheridan, the mastermind behind the “Yellowstone” universe, is already hard at work on “1932,” the first installment of the Dutton dynasty.

The season finale of “1883,” which left viewers feeling both satisfied and wanting more, also closed a satisfying chapter by giving viewers a raw, unvarnished look at the family’s westward trek, the struggles they endured, and the sacrifices they made to carve out their legacy. Elsa, the spirited young daughter, stole hearts and became a symbol of the frontier’s unforgiving spirit.

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Enter “1932.” This next installment will take place almost 50 years later, bringing us into the depths of the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression. New characters will take up the mantle of resiliency left by their ancestors, and we can anticipate seeing the struggles of John Dutton’s generation as they deal with hard-won land, economic hardship, and Dust Bowl storms that threaten to destroy it.

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Though specifics are still unknown, rumors have it that the Duttons will be put to the ultimate test: the economic turmoil of the Great Depression will pit neighbor against neighbor, putting the family’s unwavering unity to the test; the Dust Bowl’s ecological devastation will add another layer of hardship, forcing the Duttons to adapt or face extinction.

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That being said, “1883” may have made an impact, but Sheridan is obviously just getting started with the Duttons; “1932” promises to be an entirely different animal, a tale of tenacity, resiliency, and the unwavering spirit that characterizes the Dutton legacy. So, grab your spurs, dust off your Stetsons, and saddle up for what promises to be an epic saga that continues long after the Duttons have arrived in Oregon.

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