Don’t Toss That Quarter! $70k Bentennial Makes News, 3 Others Worth Collecting Over $1,500

Attention all coin collectors and curious individuals! Have you ever found a seemingly innocuous quarter in your pocket change? Take a closer look because it could be worth a small fortune. A rare 1916-D Standing Liberty quarter recently sold at auction for a whopping $70,500, creating headlines and sending coin enthusiasts racing through their coin collections. However, this is not the only valuable quarter available. Here’s a closer look at this world-record-breaking coin, as well as three more quarters that could be worth a mint (pun intended!) :

The Star of the Show: The 1916-D Standing Liberty Quarter

This Standing Liberty quarter, struck in 1916 at the Denver Mint (thus the “D”), stands out for its distinctive design and low mintage. The picture of Lady Liberty marching forward, torch held aloft, by designer Hermon Atkins MacNeil was judged too “modern” for the time and was immediately replaced. There were just 24,000 of these 1916-D quarters made, making them extremely uncommon and costly. The Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) graded the coin that sold for $70,500 as MS-67+, which means it’s in near-perfect condition. This perfect condition increased its value even more, sparking a bidding war among collectors.

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But Hold on, There’s More! 3 More Quarters to Keep an Eye On

While the 1916-D Standing Liberty quarter is the most valuable, there are other quarters in circulation that could be worth a lot more. Here are three to add to your list of “quarters to watch”:

1. 1932 Washington Quarter with No Tail Feathers

The famous design of the 1932 Washington quarter features America’s first president on the front and an eagle soaring above Mount Vernon on the back. However, during manufacture in 1932, a minor error occurred, resulting in certain quarters missing the eagle’s tail feathers. In good condition, these tailless beauties can bring around $1,800, making them a rewarding purchase for eagle-eyed collectors.

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2. 1964 Silver Certificate Quarter

Believe it or not, not all quarters are equal. In 1964, the United States Mint created a limited number of quarters for use in silver certificates. The unique appearance of these quarters, coined with 90% silver rather than the ordinary copper-nickel composition, makes them clearly identifiable. While circulated quarters are still valuable, uncirculated 1964 silver certificate quarters can fetch up to $3,000.

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3. 1955 Double Die Obverse Quarter

Mistakes at the mint can sometimes result in valuable errors. Some quarters were made with a double-die obverse in 1955, which means that the die used to imprint the design into the coin slipped slightly, creating a faint ghost image of the design beneath the main one. These double die quarters are relatively uncommon and can fetch hundreds of dollars depending on their condition.

Remember, not all quarters are equal.

So, the next time you come across a quarter, don’t immediately dump it in the charity bin without giving it a second thought. Take your time looking over it. You never know, you might have a small piece of history worth a small fortune.

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