Rare Coin Alert! $90k Bentennial Leads Pack of Valuable Collectibles

Keep your spare change! A rare Bicentennial quarter, produced in 1916 to mark the 100th anniversary of US currency, was sold for a whopping $90,000 at auction. This remarkable coin is significant not just because of its age and historical value, but also because of its one-of-a-kind mint error—a double die striking.

What exactly is a double die strike?

A double die strike happens when the same die strikes a coin twice, generating a raised, ghost-like image of the design on top of the original design. This inaccuracy is quite uncommon, yet it has the potential to greatly boost the value of a coin.

The Bicentennial, which costs $90,000,

The particular Bicentennial quarter that just sold for $90,000 has a very slight double die striking on the coin’s obverse (heads) side. The Liberty Bell is slightly doubled, and there is a faint imprint of the date “1916” above the original date.

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The tiny double die strike is enough to make this coin extremely valuable. There are only about 20 known instances of this particular double die variation, according to the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS).

Other Beneficial Bentennial Quarters

The $90,000 Bentennial is undoubtedly the most precious specimen of this coin, although there are other Bentennial quarters that are also quite valuable. In fact, a fine Bentennial quarter is worth at least a few bucks.

How to Locate Valuable Coins

There are a few things you can do if you want to find precious coins. Begin by examining your personal change. You never know what you might come across! Second, you can go to a coin shop or a coin show in your area. Coin dealers and collectors are constantly on the search for rare and costly coins.

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Finally, you can conduct some web research. There are numerous websites and tools available to assist you in learning more about rare coins. You might just unearth the next big gem in your pocket change if you put in a little effort!

Selling Tips for Valuable Coins

If you come across a valuable coin, you should have it graded by a competent coin-grading agency, such as the PCGS or the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC). A grading firm will authenticate your coin and assign it a grade based on its condition. The greater the grade, the more valuable the coin.

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After you’ve graded your coin, you can sell it to a coin dealer or at a coin auction. It’s critical to receive many quotations before selling your coin to ensure you’re getting the best price possible.

Final Thought

The $90,000 Bicentennial quarter serves as a reminder that even common coins may be valuable. So the next time you get some change, take a hard look. You could discover the next rare and precious coin!

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